Sarena Dawn - fine art & illustration - Ring neck dove - girl -

Watercolor & Pencil illustrations

Inspired by nature, spirit, flora, fauna, fantasy and fairytales, by oneness and life and the sacred souls of all beings.

Welcome to my world where creatures and characters play in enchanted and mysterious fields and forests…come travel among the stars where moon goddesses and magic abound.

Sarena Dawn - fine art & illustration - Girl in blue dress sitting with rabbits and moths -

Playing with scale, a dose of pop surrealism, intuitive drawing and painting, and an occasional sprinkling of melancholy, I try to capture moments of childlike wonder and combine them with more complex ideas and ideals about our world and our nature.

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Creativity, Spirit & Nature Retreats

The Return™ is a transformational journey to return to spirit, experiencing the world with childlike wonder, embracing joy, play, fun, curiosity and imagination… to spark your creativity, imbue you with confidence, to center yourself, reconnect with your purpose, to embrace the magic, to bathe in self love, experience one-ness, remember your divinity, adorn your feminine form…

to set your soul on fire.

It’s time to Return.

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About Sarena Dawn

“I cannot remember a time that art was not a focal point in my life. Drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, filmmaking. It is the search for the beautiful, the appreciation of the aesthetic, as well as the indescribable connection and feeling that comes from the material itself, the primal act of mark-making.

Fascinated by things we cannot see but know exist, from the overwhelmingly large and unfathomable to the infinitesimally small. Trying to capture the ephemeral, the cosmos, nature, flora, fauna, the spiritual, the connected, light, spirals and stars and time, exploring the bigger mysteries of the universe…and our role within it.

Through my work I try to tell stories and at the same time comment on our nature, both the dark shadows that exist and the beckoning light.”
– Sarena Dawn

Sarena studied painting, drawing and ceramics at the university level, and film production at the Mel Hoppenheim school of Cinema, where she was awarded first prize for her role as Art Director.

Sarena’s painting and illustrations can be found in the homes of private collectors, a children’s book and in package design.

Sarena Dawn - fine art & illustration -

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