Moonlight Venus

The first flickers of moonlight peek through the rustling leaves, and petals dance in the wind.

The little birds sing their last evening lullaby, ready for their slumber.

Far from everyone, she waits for her love, seated among the wisteria and wild roses. The warm evening air is a harbinger of fireflies sure to come out and play tonight, greeted by their friends the moths, who’ve begun dancing in the delight of the jasmine-soaked breeze.

And she waits…

This little lady is wearing the Moonlight Venus dress by Selkie

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Professionally printed on high-quality paper with archival inks, and comes with a white border, ready for framing.

Materials:Watercolor & Pencil
Width: 11″ (27.94 cm)
Height: 14″ (35.65 cm)