Sarena Dawn Painting in her studio.

Introducing the Art Lovers Academy, for art enthusiasts & Creative Souls

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Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from expressing yourself through art!

My mission is simple: to help you increase your confidence, let go of self-judgment, and create artwork that you can be truly proud of.

Not only will you have access to captivating projects like abstract paintings, abstract landscapes, stunning florals, and artist-inspired works (think the mesmerizing style of Klimt), discovery whimsy and wonder, as you experience art as therapy, meditation, and pure fun.

It’s an opportunity to find your unique style, try new things, and create artwork that truly speaks to your soul.

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Here’s a sneak peak of just SOME of the upcoming classes

Get ready to create your own masterpieces, step-by-step!!

Take part in this Midnight Garden Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Join in this fun Autumn Watercolor Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Journey Through the Abstract Forest - Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Hamsa - Art Workshop - Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Watercolor Goddess Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
7-Layer Abstract Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Take a Whimsical Abstracts Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Mystic Cats Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Tree of Life - Inspired by Klimt - Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Bold Jewlery Making Class with Sarena Dawn
Let's paint some Abstract Roses in this Palette Knife Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Come paint some Love Birds in this Painting Class with Sarena Dawn

Let’s not forget the fundamentals!

Watercolor Fundamentals Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Acrylic Fundamentals Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Color Theory and Mixing Painting Class with Sarena Dawn
Art Supplies Fundamentals for Painting with Sarena Dawn

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What’s Different About Art Lover’s Academy?!

There are only 2 rules in my classes

  1. Don’t accidentally drink the paint water, and
  2. No disparaging self-talk, no mean words about yourself or your work.

Painting with me is not simply a “do what I do” approach. It’s a unique mix of project-based classes, so you can have fun and create a finished masterpiece combined with in-depth lessons that will transform your painting.

It is a guided journey that highlights various lessons and principles, so you can think and “see” like an artist, seamlessly learning as you work and have fun!

It’s also a place of super-encouragement and zero judgement!

The Art Lover’s Academy philosophy

Everything is simply a chance to learn and grow, we analyse what’s working, what’s not – and why – we adjust, and appreciate those precious lessons for our creative journey!

  • We learn real techniques
  • Learn to see and think like an artist to level up our art making
  • We make masterpieces
  • It’s an opportunity to find your artistic voice and style!

And importantly, Art Lover’s Academy art as a way of self care, self expression and love!

Grow your confidence and creative courage along with your skills!

A safe and supportive community

Welcome to the Art Club! You’ll be surrounded by fellow art enthusiasts who share your passion and understand the ups and downs of the creative process. Together, we’ll celebrate your victories, provide feedback and encouragement, and inspire each other to reach new heights.

I understand the struggles and self-doubt that often come with creating art.

That’s why our membership is not just about learning skills, but also about creating a safe and supportive community where you can overcome your fears and embrace your unique artistic voice

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A little about me, Sarena Dawn

Sarena Dawn Artist and Art Educator -

Sarena Dawn – Artist and Art Educator

Hiya ! I’m Sarena! Artist and Art Educator. Since I was a child, I have been enamored with all things art!

I studied painting, drawing, ceramics and film production at the renown Mel Hoppenheim school of Cinema, where I was awarded first prize for my role as Art Director.

I’ve taught art to people from 2 to 92, and from all levels of ability and backgrounds! My students are amazing!

I have been told by so many of them that I am the most encouraging teacher they’ve had!

Of course! I believe fostering a loving and positive atmosphere makes for the best experience, has the greatest impact – AND it’s the BEST way to learn!

“I believe art is for everyone”

  • I believe that art is for everyone. We are all born artists.
  • Art has the power to heal our minds and bodies, our communities, and our world.
  • Art connects us. Art opens our hearts, and strengthens our spirits.
  • Practicing art is an act of self-love, and it helps us love ourselves more!
  • Art calms our nervous systems. Art strengthens our intuition.
  • Art is a wonderful tool for personal and professional growth.
  • Art helps us problem-solve.
  • Art builds our confidence.
  • Art is magic. Art is FUN.
Sarena Dawn - Abstract Painter -

Sarena Dawn – with some of her abstract paintings.

What you’ll get: (For Just 197$)

A FULL YEAR’s MEMBERSHIP to Art Lover’s Academy! Including the following:

A year of Art Classes and follow along projects.

  • Acrylic
  • watercolor and
  • colored pencils &
  • even handmade jewelry design

Fundamentals Classes

  • Fundamentals classes to help demystify and simplify your art practice, and make painting more enjoyable, relaxing and intuitive.
    • Watercolour Fundamentals,
    • Acrylic Fundamentals
    • Colour theory and
    • Colour mixing to name a few!

Live classes and direct help from Sarena

  • Regular LIVE studio hours with Sarena!
    • We’ll talk art and inspiration,
    • do art “drills”,
    • have mini lessons and paint-nights,
    • Share your work for feedback and ask questions!
    • Discounts on art, specialty programs or workshops, in-person events, and retreats!


  • Pro tips and techniques.
  • Printables for you to color and watercolour.
  • Comprehensive Materials lists for every budget.
  • Monthly creative and artistic inspiration from Sarena
  • Access to the Art Lover’s Community

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Sarena Dawn - In Frame. :) -

This is for you if :

  • You’ve always loved art, but it’s been a while and you’re not sure where to begin.
  • You have supplies you bought with good intentions…but, they wind up collecting dust.
  • You find yourself always waiting for the “right time” to pursue your passion.
  • You are looking to develop your artistic style and voice.
  • You’d like to use art therapy as a way of healing mind, body and soul.
  • You love the idea of a warm, encouraging and safe space to develop your skills!!
  • You loved art as a kid, but were told it was not “practical”.
  • You find art classes expensive, intimidating or time-constraining.
  • You’re looking for enriching and memorable experiences.

How it works:

The Art Lover’s Academy will officially begin in January 2024, until then, we’ll be dropping some creative surprises your way!

On-demand classes will be available for you to watch and re-watch whenever you’d like. New classes will be regularly uploaded to your personal online art portal! We’ll let you know when the new classes drop!

Pssst… because you’re on the VIP pre-launch guest list, On top of the already-scheduled classes, you’ll be able to request the lessons and classes YOU wish to see! How cool is that?

As long as you’re a Member, you’ll have access to your classes! So you can go at your own pace, and pick and choose classes according to your mood!

You’ll be invited to all Sarena’s Studio hours, and provided with links to join in for real-time fun and happy-times!

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Is this for beginners?

YES! Absolutely! This is the perfect place to start your journey. You’ll find guidance, support, encouragement as you build your skills while completing the fun paintings. You’ll be amazed at what you will create.

What if I’m a seasoned artist or have some art experience?

The Art Lover’s Academy is for all levels. I’ve taught students with no experience as well as those with university fine art degrees. Surround yourself with a community of artists, renew your passion, spark your inspiration, learn new skills, and develop and hone your style. Come along and have fun with us! There is always something to be gained from both the classes AND the amazing Art Lover’s Academy Community!

Is this for adults?


Are kids, teens or young adults welcome?

YES! That being said, each child is different, and you know your child best!*

*In the beginning, If they are younger than 15, I would not recommend kids attend live studio hours.

Do I get access to ALL of the classes?

Yes! You can take all of the classes in the Art Lover’s Academy Membership Program at your convenience!

What happens after my year is up?

The Art Lover’s Academy is a yearly membership, and your membership will automatically renew next year, so you can keep painting, stay with our community keep access to the library of classes – and get all new classes! And of course, invites to the LIVE STUDIO HOURS! (Note: the full year membership is not pro-rated. If you find the Art Lover’s Academy is not for you, no worries! You can cancel your renewal at any time)

So what are you waiting for?

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